Saturday, September 13

Dumpster Living?

I definitely couldn't go as far as this professor did by living in a dumpster, but I do like his style!   University professor Jeff Wilson moved into a 36 square foot dumpster on the property of the university where he works to prove that having less really can make you happier (well, at least that's my take on it!)

No, I can't go that far as I really do like indoor plumbing (which is coming to his abode).  But I do like cleaning out and living with less.  I've started with closets.  We "needed" more space in our master closet, but first I decided to take everything out and start fresh.  Yesterday I took two more bags to Goodwill, and added 9 and 14 pounds to my running tally for a total of ((drumroll please))

45.5 Pounds!!  

Guess what?  We have plenty of space, just less stuff "stuffed" in there.

We are not major shoppers or clothes hounds, so this sounds like a lot to me.  But now that's it's gone, I really don't miss it, and realize that our closet is plenty big for two of us.  A friend asked me what in the world I gave away (knowing that I don't hang onto clothes) and I honestly couldn't answer her!  Out of sight, out of mind.  And for those 45.5 pounds of stuff I gave away, I did treat myself to a few new pieces that I love: 4 new in, 45.5 pounds out!

My goal is to have empty space in every closet at a time.

Friday, September 5

5 things Friday and an updated decrapify total

It's been a busy week!

1)  I added to my "decrapify" total and took another bag of clothes to Goodwill today.  Today's total: 14 pounds, for a running total of 22.5!

That bag of clothes came out of here, the master closet.  It's amazing the things you find when you pull it all out.
2) I jumped in (against my own head telling me to finish one project before jumping into the next).  I've been itching to redo the master closet to better fit our needs, and there's no better way to clean out the extra clutter than pulling it all out and seeing what you have!  It all comes out, and only what is really used is going back in.   Hence, the 14 pounds (so far) of stuff that is already gone.

3) This.  People on my roof in the middle of a really hot day and walking three stories up like they're on the ground.

4. Leaks.  Ah yes, the glories of an almost 20 year old house.  A little leak in the dining room is connected to porch issues which is connected to roof issues, and decaying fascia boards are connected to shot gutters.  Let the quotes begin.  We are lucky as this house is generally very solidly built, and these are normal things to take care of in a home at this age.  #fabulousandtwenty?

5.  It feels like summer in September, and we're all getting tired of it (including the roofers).

Wednesday, August 27

Giveaway tally in pounds:De-clutter your house

Over the past few years I have worked to de-crapify the house and get rid of stuff we don't use any more.  If I don't stay on top of this and de-clutter the house bit by bit, it would get ahead of us in no time.

I have no clue how many bags of stuff that have gone to Goodwill or passed along to friends. Most of the boy's clothes has gone to a teacher friend that works in a lower income part of our county, and those outgrown items have gone to someone that needed it.  Once I took a bucket of things to a consignment store, but the payout was not worth the work, and they took only a fraction of what I took in.  I ended up bringing most of it home.   We have done a yard sale, and it was a little fun, a lot of work,  and again, a large amount of stuff that then had to be piled in the van to take to Goodwill at the end of the morning.

The point is, though, isn't where the stuff went, but that it went.  Away. Out of our space, and into someones hands that have a use for it.  Whether you give away, yard sale, consign or Freecycle, just DO IT!

De-cluttering on a regular basis, closet by closet or shelf by shelf keeps it under control.  You can de-clutter your house without taking on a major project.

I keep a bag close at hand, usually in my closet, and anything I put my hand on that needs to be passed along goes in the bag.  When the bag is full, it goes in the car and is given away.  

I wish I had kept a log or tally of what has gone OUT of the house in the past few years (I've been brutal).  So I thought I'd start today, and keep track in pounds.

Today's "declutter the house and decrapify" total is EIGHT POUNDS!

Now if I could just lose weight as easily, we'd be in business.

Thursday, August 21

Middle school and deconconstruction

They don't have anything in common as there isn't anything being torn down at the middle school.

But as I spent the day yesterday deconstruction the loft bed in the boy's room, the two seemed to be more similar than I imagined.

Letting go. And being excited about it.

Seeing the boy head off to a new adventure and challenge with a smile made me feel excited for him.  Yes, I could mourn the days of him being little, or I could embrace the excitement of seeing him grow.

The few people that knew I was also taking down the loft bed  were surprised.  They wondered how I felt, if I was disappointed, sad or mad even that he didn't want it in his room after a year and a half.

Nope, not a bit.  When he was hinting that he was ready for a change, I jumped at it.  Out with the lumber and in with a bigger boy's room that suits him now.  And if he wants to paint over the batman wall, that's OK too.  I'm not attached to what was, but embracing what is to's exciting!  Now we plan for a bigger bed, new shelving, and a new installation in his closet.
 Yes, those are patched holes on the walls, and a snake in the floor, but huge is that room?  For now we are just using the single bed from the guest room, but that will probably be upgraded to a larger size.  When I asked him about his "theme" for his room, he looked at me like I had three heads.  Theme?  Oh no, this will not be a themed room.  I was just trying to get a feel for direction....sports? Orioles? Superheroes?

I think yes, that will be the theme.  All of the above, and whatever else he likes.  Within moderation, I like to let him do what he wants to liven up his own space.  

And we won't talk about the spare room....oh no...and it's worse than it looks.  I just couldn't bear to open the door any further than this. 

New schools.  

No looking back.  It's all good.

Friday, August 15

5 things Friday

I'm not sure I can keep this to 5 things, but I'll try. Here goes:

  1. Today is my 27th wedding anniversary.  Yes, we were children (not really, but I like to think makes me feel younger!)
  2. With school starting next week, we're busy with back to school shopping, back to school night, and enjoying our last few days of summer. 
  3. My mind is going 1000 miles an hour realizing that I'm on my own again next week during the days.  I hope to increase my work hours/client load, but in the meantime, I have many many projects in the plan already. 
  4. The boy decided he's ready for a "real room".  That means the loft bed is going to be moved and/or converted.  I've sensed it coming, and I'm fine with it.  The great thing about building things from boards is that when you're done, you are left with boards that can be resized or reused.  You aren't left with a piece of furniture that needs to be moved or sold or given away.  
  5. On my "needs to get done short list": clothes shopping for my mom, master closet reorg, loft deconstruct, bedroom redo, more decrapifying, clean eating planning, decide if using a few coupons is worth the time and more.   

So is that technically five? I'm not sure, but it's all in there in neat numbers!

 And no, I'm not one of those moms that goes dancing around the aisles of the store singing and happy to be rid of her kid.  (Ok, well I did do that at Target last week, but only to embarrass him. It worked).  I enjoy the days and our time together;  there are the times of incessant "I'm bored" that drives me bonkers, but mostly we just had fun.

But it's time to move on to the next adventures, and I'm excited for whatever it brings!

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