Wednesday, March 14

Pinterest Challenge!

It's time for he Pinterest Challenge!  Four amazing bloggers are hosting this spring, and getting us all moving on from pinning to doing!

My project is based on a ton of pins on fabric covered boxes. Here is what I started with: a plain brown box, a glue gun, an exacto knife, and my nemesis fabric with the pink flowers.  BUT!  I figured I can cut around the pink and get to the other gorgeous stuff on this fabric and enjoy it. 

Basically, it was like wrapping a gift box, but with fabric and glue.  I cut the first piece for around the inside, then a square for the bottom. 

Next I wrapped the outside, tucking and trimming along until I was left with this: a cute little fabric box on my shelf! 

I admit, this was a quickie project, and it's not perfect and finished on the inside.  But for a quick little diy, it's not bad!  I spend a total of 40 minutes doing the box plus writing the post.  Not bad for a little cute flowered box on my shelf, huh?

Happy pinning, and go check out the wonderful bloggers sponsoring the Pinterest Challenge:
Sherry at,  Katie Bower at, Erin from The Great Indoors, and Cassie from Hi Sugarplum.