Tuesday, October 23

Check it off: Bookcase redo

this is just not working!
Check another "to-do" off the list: The office shelf re-do project is....Done! I don't even know how long I've worked on this, but it's been off and on for a loooonnngggg time. I'm so glad to have it done!

This is the before: It (along with the rest of  the room) just wasn't working.  I processed whether to give it away and start over for a long time.  I also contemplated cutting it down for a future project as it is a solid wood piece.  I bought it unfinished and stained it years ago, and it's solid as a rock.  At one point I almost cut it in two pieces to make it into two smaller bookshelves.

In the end I flipped it on its side and looked at it sideways for a long time.  It just seemed to fit my space and needs, so I went to work.

What used to be horizontal shelves were fixed with nails and because vertical.

The bottom because the left side. 

I added an additional piece and some trim to the bottom to finish it, as you can see in this picture.

I slowly thought about how I would use each section, and then started filling in the (now) horizontal pieces.

Once I primed and painted it, I added trim to the front to make it feel more finished.
And voila!  My new used-to-be-a-bookshelf .....shelf!  The worst part is I don't know what to call it!  A hutch? Sideboard? Shelf? 
Whatever  it's called, I love it.  I have my accounting type work to the left, my jewelry business in the middle, and sewing projects and supplies to the left.  And the top just adds a wonderful space to have personal pictures, flowers and is quite useful! 
This was a huge step to getting my office reorganization done....I'm one step closer!